"Blessed By A Broken Heart" (An Experience) EP

by Kodac aka M80

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Illingsworth very solid lyricist. nice production on this too. michigan music. Favorite track: Blessed By A Broken Heart (Prod. by Ubadah McConner (UB)).
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    "Blessed By A Broken Heart" (An Experience) EP
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"Blessed By A Broken Heart" (An Experience) is a story of having your heart broken. Whether it was a relationship, a job, or a situation that didnt work out like you wanted it to. We all have been "Blessed".......by a broken heart. The truth of the matter is, love is acted out in many ways, and in many ways confused for the lust of life. The struggle of an artsit to find a Love worth Loving, and the journey to keep it, requires a very delicate balance that very few are able to obtain. So whether you put in long hours at the studio, the office, the job, or the library, to have and hold a relationship takes time, effort, communication, and comprimise. Told from the view point of a modern day aspiring artist in a struggling urban community, the intensity, and passion in music provides a genuine honesty that most artist find hard to obtain.


released March 1, 2011

Production credits: ZO!, UB, Nick Speed, and JC

Feature Vocalists: Blue Raspberry, Soul Deacon.

Feature Artist: Magestik Legend

"We ALL Have A Gift"



all rights reserved


Kodac aka M80 Pontiac

An International artist from Michigan, Emcee for the Harlem Globetrotters, author of "We ALL Have A GIFT" children's book series, and community outreach coordinator who uses music as his tool of outreach to share the message of "We ALL Have A GIFT" with those who are willing to hear.

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Track Name: Blessed By A Broken Heart (Prod. by Ubadah McConner (UB))
Without your Love,
I was...........
Blessed By A Broken Heart
(Blessed By A Broken Heart)
(repeat x4)

Verse 1
Im looking at her
while she looking at him. (Nuh Unh)
This aint gone work out
like wet paper and pen.
I wish your inside's
was like your outside frame, (What that mean?)
Meaning, you can work it out,
exercise it to change.
Yeah Im digging you,
but not digging the games you playing.
So what is you saying?
By actions that speak
louder than words.
Give me,
what I deserve
and I'll fix dinner and desert.
Plus CAKE and go to work
Eww, Girl you got some nerve

Baby I, Ohh I...
(I thought)
I can't live without your Love
(But I was Blessed By A Broken Heart)

Verse 2
She looking at me,
while she looking at them (Nuh Unh).
This aint gone work out
like wet paper and pen.
The pair, natural hair,
nice tilt fitted brim.
Plus Tims, the same color
as they skin (Brown).
Introduce me to them,
the Black and the Nubian.
Must have felt me,
moving in.
Cause they was digging
what I said, like
every line was new to them.
See they were college students,
just adjusting to life's movements.
(and) Life, I had lived a little,
in the middle of this conversation,
here comes this woman trouble making.
Her mouth moving,
I couldn't hear a word
that she was saying.
The bond that we had
that was so sacred
is now vacant.
They can't take her place,
my heart can't take the breaks.
I need the blessings
of a human's love and affection.
Almost got checked in,
from fussin and stressin.
Blood pressure high,
to young to die
So I let her
pass me by.........

Baby I, Ohh I...
(I thought)
I can't live without your Love
(But I was Blessed By A Broken Heart)